On-Site Soil and Water Treatment

Virotec’s suite of on-site treatment services can generate significant cost savings. On average our customers waste disposal costs have been reduced by between 30% and 50%.

After on-site treatment, the quantity of waste sent for disposal substantially reduces or even better-contaminated waste is treated or converted into a benign waste that can be reused on-site or accepted at any general waste disposal facility.


On-site treatment applies mainly to regulated waste, contaminated soil, and water.
Virotec remediates this contamination by either:

  • using our mobile treatment plants (which are all licensed by DES to treat on-site) or
  • using larger and more varied equipment on a fixed project basis


The applications for our treatment plants vary and include:

  • soil mixing and dosing
  • reagent dosing into water bodies at prescribed continual and varying rates
  • spill control for contaminant takeaway so as to reduce spoil
  • microbe control
  • aerators for aerobic treatments
  • drum handlers and cement mixers to bind soil


With larger and more varied applications, we use:

  • pug, ball and rod mills
  • specialized mixing equipment
  • all types of screens including return screens
  • filter presses of all sizes and types
  • pumps and ancillaries – we can supply the power and piping
  • mixing equipment; and
  • any other specialized equipment