Site Remediation

Virotec Remediation services will return your site contaminant-free, on time and on budget

Virotec can manage any type of contamination thanks to its range of reagents and associated services. Virotec has successfully remediated a significant number of sites across Australia impacted by heavy metals, hydrocarbons, PFAS, pesticides, asbestos, etc… Virotec’s track record is 100% – Virotec deliver what they say and will solve problems that others can’t or won’t do

After on-site treatment, the quantity of waste sent for disposal substantially reduces or even better-contaminated waste is converted into a benign waste that can be re-used on-site or accepted at any general waste disposal facility.

Use Virotec and Virotec will return your remediated site to you in the form that you want, no matter how toxic or industrial it was – whether it be for sale, parkland or redevelopment. Always contaminant-free, on time and on budget – guaranteed.

Virotec technical suite of services include:

  • Remediating any site – others come to Virotec when the problems get too hard.
  • Providing technical help and advice – the expertise of Virotec key personnel exceeds over 200 years and Virotec have spent more than $30 M on research and development
  • Storage, collection, and disposal of all waste types – Virotec always get the technology right and your site will always be completely and legally remediated with no Liabilities
  • Providing on-site treatment – Virotec reduce waste volumes and convert them into a non-hazardous form, reducing waste disposal costs by up to 90% (35% is typical)