Site Revegetation

Virotec’s revegetation and fertility products and services support successful revegetation by facilitating root development and rhizome growth whilst reducing sediment and erosion.

Virotec have over 20 years of experience providing a combined remediation solution and rehabilitation capability, powered by the ViroSoil™ platform and nurtured by a culture of genuine commitment to the delivery of projects. Virotec is a one-stop-shop for site rehabilitation. Virotec do it right the first time, no more spending millions redoing previous rehabilitation works.

ViroSoil™ Revegetation & Fertility Program developed by Virotec, support successful restoration by facilitating root development and rhizome growth whilst reducing sediment and erosion.


Virotec’s ViroSoil™ revegetation capabilities and experience enable us to provide:

  • Decommissioning and rehabilitation
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive soil fertility program to successfully reduce sediment and erosion control
  • Increased plant mortality and growth rates
  • Improved practices such as watering regimen, seed mix, and soil conditions
  • Turn unwanted by-products into valuable resources


After on-site treatment, the quantity of waste sent for disposal substantially reduces or even better-contaminated waste is either treated or converted into a benign waste that can be reused on-site or accepted at any general waste disposal facilities.


Virotec take away the environmental problems and concerns of legitimate pressure groups and help decision-makers quantify liability and determine viable options to maintain business sustainability.

  • Virotec proprietary innovative reagents lead the way as they improve soil structure,​ retain moisture and allow the slow release of added nutrients. Reagents applied have the added benefit of treating environmental contaminants.
  • Providing technical help and advice – the expertise of Virotec key personnel exceeds​ over 200 years and Virotec have spent more than $30 M on research and development
  • Plant mortality and growth rates are also improved by an average of 50%​ compared to conventional practices.
  • Virotec utilize an exclusive hydro mulching blend that is resistant to heavy rainfall, reducing the risk of ameliorates and seeds washing away by up to 30%. The establishment of revegetation will minimize the risk of dam wall erosion and the potential for catastrophic failure.
  • Virotec revegetate on a grid pattern, this means that any variation in soil quality is​ treated differently so the concept is “one size DOES NOT fit all”.
  • Virotec use drill seed techniques ensuring that germination and plant growth is​ improved by up to 60%.


The Virotec team has the extensive agricultural experience and provide fixed costs irrespective of soil topography.

Virotec’s services include the management of all relevant stakeholders and ensure Virotec keep within the agricultural practices required.