Delivering on Time and Within Budget

Civtech is committed to the effective control of building works through the use of the critical path method of scheduling construction works. This method of time control is applied to both on and off-site fabrication and major supply items.

We utilize Procore as the vehicle for development and maintenance of our schedules. It provides a steady flow of information to all parties on the time performance of the project and ensures all parties are always up to date with the status of the project. The use of schedules within the company is not restricted to a communication function, but is considered an essential management tool in the control of the building process.

Time Extensions and Claims Management

Project delays and their potential for time extensions will be managed at a number of levels during the project through:

• Rescheduling of work to expedite process and mitigate delays
• Contingency management by pre-planning and pre-empting potential delays
• Accelerating progress where possible to create float in critical path activities.We minimise the opportunity for claims by trade contractors through regular dialogue, distribution of regular programme updates, maximising the continuity of work for critical trades, understanding detailed site coordination and providing flexibility in the programme.

Where delays are client initiated or caused by factors beyond the control of Civtech, the delays will be assessed for their impact to date and future impact. Only legitimate and unavoidable claims are submitted for approval.

OHS Management

OHS Management

On-site Health & Safety.
Civtech is dedicated to maintaining all safety standards and procedures. The maintenance of safe working practices and a safe working environment is of paramount importance, not only on the site but also in all areas in which people work. The company’s policy is that the safety requirements apply to all people involved with the contract regardless of their contractual relationship.
Over time we have had in place a safety policy and manual that is maintained in accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act. The regulations in association with the Act are adhered to rigorously. Workers are inducted into the safety policies of the company, identifying any project specific problems of the site.

Civtech’s WH&S management system has a structure ensuring compliance improvement:

  • WH&S policy & structure
  • Risk management
  • Training
  • Hazard & incident monitoring, investigating and reporting
  • Emergency management
  • Supplier compliance management


We maintain the following policies on all our construction sites:

  • Safety shoes/boots/ hard hats and high visibility clothing must be worn at all times.
  • Safety glasses, hearing protection & protective gloves as required.
  • No smoking in all enclosed areas of all buildings and site amenities.
  • Protection from UV exposure for all direct labour.
  • Random drug and alcohol testing