Environmental Remediation

We have partnered with Global Environmental Leaders Virotec.
We provide environmental remediation and wastewater treatment solutions. With a proven history spanning successfully over 20 years of experience. We guarantee our service as Australia’s preferred experts.
For further information and inquiries please contact our office on 07 5613 1580
Email- mkm@civtech.com.au


We are a global leader and technology pioneer in environmental remediation.Providing technologies and solutions that solve intractable problems such as hazardous waste and converting it into usable and valuable resources.

We understand the constraints facing businesses with their waste and environmental issues which are both technical and non-technical. So in conjunction with you, we look at your problems from a financial, technical, PR, governmental and commercial approach.

Our Specialty Areas

The areas that we specialize in are:

  • Contaminated Soil and Water Treatment
  • Commercial and industrial waste management, removal and/or disposal
  • Civil contracting site remediation, removal and/or disposal
  • Industrial services such as high-pressure cleaning, line flushing, tank cleaning, etc…
  • All coal seam gas environmental issues
  • The remediation of all types of site closures
  • Mining activity waste and environmental remediation, management, removal, and disposal
  • The remediation and removal of hydrocarbons or heavy metals